Cycle trip 2013. Finland

Hello Scandinavia. Hello forests, lakes, sea, saunas. Part of my cycle trip from Eindhoven to the North Cape.

Previous country: Estonia
Next country: Sweden

Day 23. 2km. Helsinki: The sloth Matthew cycled 2 km, slept and ate today. Forget the sights of Helsinki. I was too sleepy to walk around much. I feel the energy returning when I think if jumping on the bike tomorrow. Yay!
Day 24. 119km. Helsinki – Tammisaari: After 2 rest days, the cycling adventure continues. Cycling with Simke, we followed the coast passing many cute little bays and beaches. Alone, I continued in the sun through the fields and forests to Tammisaari.
Day 25. 141km. Tammisaari – Turku: The Finns call their southern coast ‘bumpy’. I learnt what that means today. I had a strenuous but beautiful ride through forests and fields. A lovely lunch and a nice evening and Turku tour with Thomas.
Day 26. 116km. Turku – Pyhäranta: Sun, forest, flatter bumps. A boat trip through the Turku archipelago and the hottest sauna of my life. Outdone by the bunch of 6 year olds.
Day 27. 122km. Pyhäranta – Yyteri: My route took me through forest, a sunny market square with strawberries and xylophone music, and the big sand dunes of Yyteri.
Day 28. 120km. Yyteri – Kristiinankaupunki: Forest, forest stampeding cows, Finnish Pavlova, clouds and Swedish language. Yay!
Day 29. 124km. Kristiinankaupunki – Vasa: Wind. Slow. Kilometres crawl by. Irritation.
Wind drops. Side roads – forest road, meteor crater road, sunny entrance into Vasa. My last day in Finland for this part of the trip. A sunny exit.
Day 34. 171km. Kalix – Pello: Crossing the polar circle in Sweden. Ducking into Finland for the night.
Day 37. 90km. Karesuando – Leppäjärvi: Today was a day of cloud watching. Spectacular light and dark contrasts over the Finnish arctic landscape. I’m back on the campervan pilgrim trail. Night cycling is called for.
Day 52. 78km. Vestre Jakobselv – Nuorgam: A cloudy, slow day, ending at the most northern point in the EU. Hello Finland!

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