Cycle trip 2013. Estonia

Estonia with cycling friends. And then the mid-trip goal of Tallinn. And the gods put gave me beautiful weather to enjoy this city! Part of my cycle trip from Eindhoven to the North Cape.

Previous country: Latvia
Next country: Finland

Day 20. 139km. Kuivizi – Kergu: Hello Estonia. Hello Raimo and Thomas. Fast kilometres and lovely breaks. Beautiful Pärnu and a magic camping ground on a lake.
Day 21. 107km. Kergu – Tallinn: The kind of ‘half-way’ goal has been reached – the beautiful Tallinn. From now on I cycle in Scandinavia in Finland, Sweden and Norway. A sunny day through the fields with Thomas. Arrival in the Tallinn market square in glorious sunshine. Evening walk and dinner with Ranno and friends.
Day 22. 0km. Tallinn: Today and tomorrow are rest days, today in Tallinn and tomorrow in Helsinki. With grey skies and colder weather, I felt like a day of lounging around and sleeping.

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