Eindhoven – Nordkapp – Kirkenes. 2013

The big trip. Almost a year in the planning. From my front door in Eindhoven to the North Cape – the northernmost point in Europe. By bike.

It was an 8 week adventure, covering 6315km and 10 countries.

The trip had many stages, and I look back on many experiences fondly. It was great to meet other cyclists that I had been in touch with through the cycling forums. I was lucky to visit the beautiful cities of the Baltic with such amazing weather. Midsummer in Latvia was a fond memory. A major highlight was passing through the North Cape tunnel after exactly 5000km, and then being on Norwegian TV when I arrived at the North Cape. My absolute favourite day was spent walking through the glacial shaped landscape on the Veranger Peninsula.

Here are my blog entries, divided into countries.

This all took a lot of preparation. I planned the routes and things to take with the help of many people, including lots of help and advice from the cycling forums. Here is where I detail the preparation work.

I also made 3 summary videos of the trip. I hope you like them.

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