Day 25. 141km. Tammisaari – Turku

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Cycling, Finland
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The Finns call their southern coast ‘bumpy’. I learnt what that means today. I had a strenuous but beautiful ride through forests and fields. A lovely lunch and a nice evening and Turku tour with Thomas.

Day 25. 141km. Tammisaari – Turku. Map and gpx.

What is meant by bumpy is that the road has steep, short climbs. You crawl over a crest to have a drop and the following climb revealed. The climbs are long enough to ensure that my speed profile was 50km/h, 8km/h, 50km/h, 8. Bump after bump. On the dirt roads, the downhill speeds were slower but the idea was the same. And the head wind that accompanied me for most of the trip reduced both the uphill and downhill speeds. And all of this took place to a beautiful backdrop of tranquil lakes, forests and fields. Past summer houses, farms and endless barns.


I had the choice of following the main road with quite a bit of traffic including big trucks speeding by, or take the scenic, bumpy route. This meant that an early lunch was required. I found a great place for lunch on a lovely fishing marina at Mathildedal. A delicious buffet with pasta salad, potatoes, curry and fish for only €12. I ate a lot, and then proceeded to burn the calories on the bumps.

As the day went on, the clouds began to build.
It didn’t rain, and the sun continued to peek through from time to time. I arrived in Turku, tired but satisfied at 1830.

I am staying with Thomas (@dvlrnr) ( who cycled with me on the day into Tallinn. He lives in Turku. He showed me around Turku and we went to the oldest Italian restaurant in the town.



We pondered my upcoming route on my detailed cycling maps and got me (and Thomas too) more excited. I have been warned so many times that highway 8 up the coast is boring – voted the most boring road in Finland, year after year. I am not taking the 8 but lovely side roads that hug the coast. I will be cycling one of Thomas’ favourite roads tomorrow and then take a ferry. Due to the very late ferry time, I have a forced late start tomorrow followed by a sprint to the camping ground. Quite fortunate as it was a late night talking to Thomas and getting excited about the upcoming cycling in Finland.

  1. Arthur says:

    Wonderfull trip so far and an excelent daily blog… Stay of that highway on your way up. it gives you good milage but is boring as hell ;-).

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