I started bicycle touring when I first moved to the Netherlands in 1993. My cycling buddy Edward Melger and I started small, and increased the length of our weekend trips through the Netherlands until we decided to take the step and go on a cycling holiday. A week cycling holiday grew to a 2 month holiday in 2013 to a 2 year affair in 2014-2016 cycling from the Netherlands to Australia. Since living in Australia I have done shorter trips to cycling hotspots.


Here are the major cycle trips in Europe.

World cycle

From 2014-2016 I was en route from the Netherlands to Australia.


As well as crossing Asia on my across the world trip, I cycled in the Indian Himalayas.

South America

In 2019 I cycled from the coast in Chile up to some of the highest roads in South America.


I crossed Australia as part of my across the world cycle trip. In COVID-affected 2020 I cycled across New South Wales and back. I have done a lot of exploring in and around Sydney.

Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 13.46.05


Hiking trips

Hiking trips

There is something special with disappearing into the wilderness, pack on your back, and emerging weeks later. And, I mean into wild nature. No paths. No cafes. No car parks. No cable-cars. Just the wide open, the skies – the sun, the wind, the rain. Rugged mountains. Wide sweeping plains. Wild rivers. Endless forests.

I love the arctic. So untouched and raw. Rocky mountains, U-shaped valleys formed by the glaciers creeping, oozing down the mountain sides over the millennia. And I love the eternal light. The far north – the land of the midnight sun.

Here are some of my hiking trips. I will be adding posts on these trips in the coming weeks.

  1. Daniel T says:

    Hi Matt! How are you!

    Do you have information on finances?

    How have you funded yourself if you don’t mind me asking!

    Lots of savings? Residual income?

    I am gearing up for my first long trip – with my family – from Portugal to North Cape…

    Just looking for details to aid us in our planning.

    Really impressed with your trip!


    • Hi Daniel. Good to hear from you, and good luck with your trip.
      I have worked for the last 20 years, and so have some savings. I have been using some of those savings on the 2 year bike trip I am now on. I have spent around 12000 euros, which is not that expensive given it is for 2 years of travelling. My cycling companion of the last 6 months – Clement – has spent only 3000 euros in the 2 years he has been travelling.
      Camping out and cooking yourself reduces the costs.

      Good luck!!

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