I started bicycle touring when I first moved to the Netherlands in 1993. My cycling buddy Edward Melger and I started small, and increased the length of our weekend trips through the Netherlands until we decided to take the step and go on a cycling holiday. A week cycling holiday grew to a 2 month holiday in 2013 to a 2 year affair in 2014-2016 cycling from the Netherlands to Australia.

Here are the major cycle trips.


Hiking trips

Hiking trips

There is something special with disappearing into the wilderness, pack on your back, and emerging weeks later. And, I mean into wild nature. No paths. No cafes. No car parks. No cable-cars. Just the wide open, the skies – the sun, the wind, the rain. Rugged mountains. Wide sweeping plains. Wild rivers. Endless forests.

I love the arctic. So untouched and raw. Rocky mountains, U-shaped valleys formed by the glaciers creeping, oozing down the mountain sides over the millennia. And I love the eternal light. The far north – the land of the midnight sun.

Here are some of my hiking trips. I will be adding posts on these trips in the coming weeks.

  1. Daniel T says:

    Hi Matt! How are you!

    Do you have information on finances?

    How have you funded yourself if you don’t mind me asking!

    Lots of savings? Residual income?

    I am gearing up for my first long trip – with my family – from Portugal to North Cape…

    Just looking for details to aid us in our planning.

    Really impressed with your trip!


    • Hi Daniel. Good to hear from you, and good luck with your trip.
      I have worked for the last 20 years, and so have some savings. I have been using some of those savings on the 2 year bike trip I am now on. I have spent around 12000 euros, which is not that expensive given it is for 2 years of travelling. My cycling companion of the last 6 months – Clement – has spent only 3000 euros in the 2 years he has been travelling.
      Camping out and cooking yourself reduces the costs.

      Good luck!!

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