Cycle trip 2013. Sweden

Sweden. The land of forests, lakes, beaches and beautiful sunsets. But also the land of eternal roadworks and mosquitos. And it was my introduction to night cycling. I love the north. Part of my cycle trip from Eindhoven to the North Cape.

Previous country: Finland
Next country: Norway

Day 30. 120km. Vaasa – Ånäset: Boat trip with company to Umeå. The best forest road yet. My first hostel that kind of didn’t exist. Didn’t stay there. Camping ground near the coast. Beautiful day. Sweden.
Day 31. 140km. Ånäset – Byske: Headwind and roadworks. The conditions make such a difference and today was a slog. Forests, lakes and sea. Harder to enjoy them today.
Day 32. 137km. Byske – Luleå: A tail wind makes it all good. It was a grey day but I liked it. Made some kilometres and met some lovely people.
Day 33. 107km. Luleå – Kalix: Cycling on and on. The next village. The next forest road. Headwind, tailwind. Beach. River.
Today I stopped. And listened. Silence. The background whoosh of the wind. A bird cry. A plop in the lake. And then silence again. Beautiful.
Day 34. 171km. Kalix – Pello: Crossing the polar circle in Sweden. Ducking into Finland for the night.
Day 35. 99km. Pello – Anttis: I’m out in the sticks now. And not, at the same time. There are villages and holiday houses. I’m on the only (main) road. Although it’s not busy, it’s straight, long and boring. I miss those quiet forest paths.
Day 36. 189km. Anttis – Karesuando: The mosquitos vs Matthew. Through the night and the day I was pursued. And eaten.
Day 37. 90km. Karesuando – Leppäjärvi: Today was a day of cloud watching. Spectacular light and dark contrasts over the Finnish arctic landscape. I’m back on the campervan pilgrim trail. Night cycling is called for.

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