Day 23. 2km. Helsinki

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Cycling, Finland
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The sloth Matthew cycled 2 km, slept and ate today. Forget the sights of Helsinki. I was too sleepy to walk around much. I feel the energy returning when I think if jumping on the bike tomorrow. Yay!

Day 23. 2km. Helsinki. Map and gpx.

Today was an incredibly lazy day. I lay on the floor in the boat to Helsinki and listened to a few podcasts. A brief exposure to the Finnish roads allowed me to say ‘Hello Finland’.

A lie in the park, protecting my ice cream from the attacking seagulls was followed by a short walk to see the sights that weren’t more than a kilometre away.

An early night before cycling in the direction of Turku with Simke – a friend of Thomas who cycled with me into Tallinn.

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