Day 26. 116km. Turku – Pyhäranta

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Cycling, Finland
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Sun, forest, flatter bumps. A boat trip through the Turku archipelago and the hottest sauna of my life. Outdone by the bunch of 6 year olds.

Day 26. 116km. Turku – Pyhäranta. Map and gpx

It was a lazy start to the day. I needed to catch a boat in 50km at 15:00. Rushing would not get me anywhere faster. I slept in (waking at 7), and, after some breakfast and blog writing, decided to follow every twist and turn of the recommended cycle route. I had the time.

First the Turku castle by daylight.

Then the cute little town of Naantali.

My route took me in peninsulas and islands – part of the fractal Finnish coast.


My lazy amble finally brought me to the ferry and a very pleasant cruise through the Turku archipelago.


Then the speed started. I had the wind and the sun at my back, and the ‘bumps’ were less severe. I cruised around 30km/h with fast bits downhill or on long flat bits exposed to the wind.

On this stretch I passed the 3000km mark. It’s a long way to Eindhoven from here.

After a short stop in the town that should not be pronounced: Uusikaupunki
I made it on to Pyhäranta and the camping ground recommended by Thomas.

The camping ground had a sauna on the beach. I dared try one, and was humbled. A Finnish couple entered the sauna and proceeded to stoke the fire with wood. There was a column of stones above a larger mass of stones. Water was poured on the column and sizzled as it evaporated into the air. I felt my face burning up and had to leave.
This was the pattern over and over. It was just amazingly hot. Not too hot for the bunch of 5 year old kids though. They had a wonderful time watching the wimpy foreigner chicken out yet again. And then the water on the beach was too cold. Not for the kids who were jumping off into it from the pier.
I must be a wimp.

  1. rm says:

    Hoho! Good luck in next sauna 🙂 Thanks for writing to Fillarifoorumi about this blog.

  2. JEAJ says:

    Hi Matthew
    Wat ga je ongelofelijk snel… 3000km. Met de auto zelfs heel ver. En alsmaar mooi weer . Hier komt eindelijk de vakantie in zicht. We lezen je blog elke dag!

    • Hoi Judith, Ed, Aletta en Jonathan. Ja. Het mooi weer blijft. En ik heb een sterke wind mee de komende dagen. Vandaag is Pori doel. Mooie duinen en een prachtige camping. 🙂

  3. Hans says:

    Amazing holiday amazing achievement 3000 km! Enjoy reading your adventures and pictures.

  4. JEAJ says:

    Hi Matthew
    Ik zit Jonathan zijn aardrijkskunde te overhoren: het gaat net over Estland, kan ik hem mooi je foto’s laten zien!
    Bedankt voor je kaart!

  5. Sartenada says:

    I appreciate Your biking trip. Have ever biked in in winter in snow? My newest post shows winter biking in Oulu.

    Happy weekend!

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