Cycle trip 2013. Latvia

Through Latvia for midsummer. Heat, forests, beaches and midsummer frivolities. Part of my cycle trip from Eindhoven to the North Cape.

Previous country: Lithuania
Next country: Estonia

Day 16. 189km. Sventoji – Kuldiga: The first feelings of endless forests. Wide roads, and a jump in the distances. Everything is further apart, which I experienced in the bright, hot sun of the Latvian midsummer. Midsummer night is a latvian night of celebration with bonfires, drinking and frivolities.
Day 17. 0km. Kuldiga: After 16 days of cycling onward, always onward, today I stopped. I ate. I slept. I did some internet, and I lay on the banks of the river.
Day 18. 164km. Kuldiga – Riga: Onward to beautiful Riga, arriving in a torrential downpour. A very refreshing one.
Day 19. 144km. Riga – Kuivizi: What started as a slow, relaxing beach day, turned into a mad dash through a torrential downpour to an uncertain destination along sand roads. I totally misjudged, but landed on my feet.

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