Preparation 2013

In the summer of 2013 I am planning a long cycle trip from my home in the Netherlands to the North Cape via the Baltic countries.

Motivated after my amazing cycle trip to the North Cape from Bodø in Norway in 2012, I have decided to take 6-8 weeks off, and cycle to this amazing place from home.

I’ve put together a planned route, dividing it into legs according to countries. Please leave me a message if you have suggestions on how to improve the route!

Upgrading on equipment I used on my 2012 trip from Bodø to the North Cape, I have bought a brand new Koga bike, made to my specifications, and completely waterproof cycling bags from Ortlieb. Here is the mug-shot I took in the bike store when I picked up the bike.


18.10.2012  The original basis route was defined. A lot of experimentation searching for routes and merging them into one connected route. Read here how this was done.

16.11.2012 The route through Poland was updated to follow the coast after speaking to a Polish friend Pawel.

18.11.2012 The German route was updated according to suggested changes in Mecklenburg Vorpommern by Oskar.

18.11.2012 The German route was updated according to changes from the cycling forum.

  1. Peter O'Connor says:

    Hi Matthew. It looks like you will be following the Eurovelo 10 for the vast majority of this trip. I am setting out on the Eurovelo 10 myself (from Stockholm) on the 15th of May and plan to complete the loop. It might be an idea to try to cross paths and share ideas. Feel free to email me directly. Thanks – Peter

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