Cycle trip 2013. Russia

The Калининград Russian enclave, surrounded by Europe. A hot couple of days, ending with a wooded, beachy trip along the Curonian Spit. Part of my cycle trip from Eindhoven to the North Cape.

Previous country: Poland
Next country: Lithuania

Day 13. 72km. Frombork – Калининград: I melted today on the dead straight road into Калининград. The border crossing was easy. Finding the hotel was not. Hotel Internet and money was also challenging. не работает.
Day 14. 145km. Калининград – Nida: I liked today. A warm/hot day cycling through the backblocks of the Калининград Russian enclave. Then along the Russian part of the Curacian spit. Forest and beaches. And fully clothed swims to cool off. I would like to thank the Gods, so, as they say in Lithuanian: achoo (thanks).

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