Day 33. 107km. Luleå – Kalix

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Cycling, Sweden
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Cycling on and on. The next village. The next forest road. Headwind, tailwind. Beach. River.

Today I stopped. And listened. Silence. The background whoosh of the wind. A bird cry. A plop in the lake. And then silence again. Beautiful.

Day 33. 107km. Luleå – Kalix. Map and gpx.

Ok. I had a headwind. There were roadworks on many of my roads. But it was beautiful and going slowly is nice. It started cloudy but as the day went on the skies opened up.

I had a beautiful silent moment on the forest road from Vitåfors to Töre. It was void of people. Just me, my bike, and the vast expanse of beautiful forest. On a rise I had a lovely view over the rolling hills decked in trees. The wind was quiet in the background. Standing there, no turning pedals, no heavy breathing. Just the wind.

Then, in the road to Kalix, I passed a lake. Beautiful silence. The wind had gone. Nothing. Then a plop. A bird had dived into the water in the middle of the lake. Then silence again. Blue sky, deep blue water and bordered by rich green trees.

My camping ground at Kalix is on the shore and my tent overlooks the water. What a lovely place.

  1. Sartenada says:

    I do love Your lake photos!

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