Day 31. 140km. Ånäset – Byske

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Cycling, Sweden
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Headwind and roadworks. The conditions make such a difference and today was a slog. Forests, lakes and sea. Harder to enjoy them today.

Day 31. 140km. Ånäset – Byske. Map and gpx.

Mood is everything, and is influenced by the cycling conditions. Yesterday I had a strong tailwind. Today the same wind was blowing into my face.
Yesterday I had good roads, including good gravel roads. Today there were several stretches with roadworks including a 9km large rock gravel road with lots of roadwork equipment and workers.

It was pretty, though. One snack I had perched on a watch tower. I’m not sure what one watches from there, but it was a good food stop.

I passed lots of pretty lakes. I contemplated swimming but it was a bit cold and windy for that.

I also had a nice descent with a view.

The clouds got darker as the day wore on. I was waiting for the sun to poke through. The sun with the dark clouds always makes for a good photo. Didn’t happen. Still, this building in Skellefteå was nice even without light effects.

I am staying at a mega camping ground with a water slide, big beach, a restaurant and bar equipped with a dancing floor and stage. There is even a dog shower. Apparently tomorrow is a big party. Today is quiet, and not really beach party weather. Still, there are lots of people here (but not in the photo :-))



Tomorrow is a tailwind, but rain. I can test out my rain gear for the first time. Yay! 🙂

  1. Sven Persson says:

    Here in Sweden we use the watch tower when hunting elks.

  2. Barbara says:

    Ha Matthew, erg leuk om je blog te lezen. Wat zit je al noordelijk! Bedankt voor je kaartje.
    Veel succes en veel plezier en liefs,

    • Hoi Barbara.
      Leuk om van je te horen! Hoop alles is goed met jouw en je hele (grotere) familie. 🙂

      • Barbara says:

        Dank je, Matthew, inderdaad een drukke bedoening hier! Hier gaat het goed en met Rosa gaat het prima! Ze is erg lief heel tevreden en ze groeit goed. Ik kijk er naar uit om haar aan je voor te stellen als je weer terug bent.
        Geniet nog lekker met volle teugen van je reis! X

      • Goed te horen. Alles goed en tot snel als ik weer terug ben!

  3. Bert says:

    Interested in the road between Ostvik/Östanbäck and Byske, was it gravel or tarmac? Good luck to you. /Bert

    • Hi Bert. It was a gravel road but no problem to cycle on. Much nicer than the E4, I think. Nice forest too.
      There are signs that show the way – they are brown ‘cykelspåret’ signs.

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