Day 32. 137km. Byske – Luleå

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Cycling, Sweden
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A tail wind makes it all good. It was a grey day but I liked it. Made some kilometres and met some lovely people.

Day 32. 137km. Byske – Luleå. Map and gpx.

The official Swedish bureau of meteorology app predicted rain rain and more rain. And a tail wind. 🙂 The security guy at the camping ground had a much nicer weather app that said that it would hardly rain at all. I showed him my route. Oh. Forest road. *Lots* of mosquitos. Well. It all went well. His app was right – only a few spots of rain. A sizable tailwind which conveniently blew all the mosquitos away. And it wasn’t too hot. Quite a few roadworks though.
Next year my whole route will be lovely new road. Must come back.
But, with the wind blowing my way, nothing bothered me. The forest roads were nice, if not so photogenic due to the clouds.

I had lunch in Piteå. It had some impressive factories in the outskirts.

After Piteå my route tried to follow the main E4 road but on the back streets. I went on most of the back streets (except for one where they were doing roadworks) and so my route zig zagged up and down the E4.

I arrived in Luleå just after 16:00 and did a bit of a tour around the centre before leaving to aim for the next camping ground about 20km away. I stopped in a little café/shop to add to my snack supplies which were becoming depleted and to have a last snack before the final spurt.
The people there were super friendly. The whole family came out, and in the end I was heavily laden with gifts – drinks, postcards and pastries. The mother of the owner said that I was a very good man and showed me a picture of the founder of Ikea – also a good man.
They also told me that the camping ground I had my eyes on was closed. I decided to stay in Luleå. It is a nice place.


  1. JEAJ says:

    Hi Matthew.
    Je gaat snel! Hoe ver moet je nog ? Het valt me op dat je weinig rustdagen hebt. Word je het fietsen nog niet zat?

    • Hoi hoi. Nee. Ik wordt het fietsen niet zat. Ik wil de iets langere route in Zweden doen en dan veel van de nordelijke schiereilanden in Norwegen zien. Zo kan ik dat. 🙂

  2. JEAJ says:

    Hi Matthew,
    Gelukkig maar! We volgen je elke dag! De foto’s zijn erg mooi. Krijg je nog iets van de tour de France mee? Twee Nederlanders op plaats 3 en 4?

    • Nee. De tour de France krijg ik niet mee. Zet hem op – de Nederlanders!
      Over tour de France gesproken, ik ben een paar keer gevraagt of ik Lance Armstrong ben. 🙂

  3. JEAJ says:

    Dat verbaast me helemaal niets. Veel plezier vandaag, hopelijk niet teveel wegwerkzaamheden! Aletta krijgt vandaag haar rapport en daarna een klein feestje voor haar verjaardag morgen. Veel cupcakes, snoep enz. Jonathan zit gewoon nog op school.

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