World Cycle: Route through South-east Asia

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Cycling
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The planning for my big world bike trip continues, extending the route through Europe, and then central Asia. The further away I plan, the more vague it gets. The aim is to see if the plan is at all realistic. Are there boats where I think there are? Can I get visas for these places? And for long enough? Actually, I suspect the answer may be no for some of these countries. Indonesia, for example, is so big, I may not be able to cross it while still having a valid visa. Visa extensions of one month at a time are possible, but take 10 days to process. All this kind of stuff will be addressed en route.

Route through South-east Asia

Route through South-east Asia

Also, the plan of south-east Asia may be turned completely on its head if I am able to enter Myanmar. If this is possible, I will cross to north-east India through Myanmar rather than passing through Laos and Cambodia. A possible fly in the ointment is if I can’t get a long enough Chinese visa. I guess I will have to just go with the flow. Maybe Pakistan and the KKH Highway instead of Tibet? I am hesitant about this. It may be too dangerous. Let’s see.

Here are the countries I will be cycling through with some thoughts on my route through them.


  1. Dina says:

    Great and exciting news! All the best for your plans and the trip. I’m impressed!! 🙂

  2. AndrewGills says:

    Have you read Cycling Home from Siberia by Robert Lilwall? He cycled some of this route. Sure, it was years ago but you might get some ideas from his story. Also, have you checked out some motorbike touring websites because they often have lots of up-to-date information on them. I think there’s one called Far Horizons or something like that.

  3. deltathecat says:

    Just a comment: Cambodia is pretty much lawless. It is not the safest place to be.


    • Hi FB,
      I will always check the circumstances when I am approaching. From what I have heard, one shouldn’t camp off the road due to possible unexploded mines, but, that other than that, there is little danger. What have you heard about Cambodia? Things can change, and I will keep my eyes and ears open before entering Cambodia..
      Thanks for the caution!

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