The Great Disruption

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Books
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A break from my bike trip planning, to some thoughts about the planet and humanity’s next great challenge and exciting transformation.  I have just finished reading a book by a fellow Australian from Adelaide. I am inspired and excited at the same time. I believe the world will be in a different place in 5-10 year’s time, and I want to be part of the transformation. The Great Disruption, by Paul Gilding.

The Great Disruption

The Great Disruption by Paul Gilding

We, as humanity, are approaching an exciting time. The world is full. Consumerism and the growth economy is destroying the planet. And the laws of physics say that it is not sustainable – i.e. the laws of physics say it will end. So we, as humanity, are about to change. We are about to do all it takes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (none of this window dressing we see today). Paul Gilding calls it the ‘one-degree war’.

But it is not politically realistic to expect serious action to fix the planet. In my country, Australia, we seem, even, to be going backwards. Well, we are heading to a wake-up moment, says Gilding, – a bit akin to Pearl Harbour in WWII – that wakes us up from denial. From that moment, humanity will do what it does best – act in the face of a crisis – a serious, existential crisis – and do everything it takes.

The transition will be an exciting time, as society first moves to a carbon free economy. But, that will just be the beginning. It will be the end of a growth economy, and the end of shopping. We will consume less, work less, and have time to do things that really make us happy – family, sharing, being part of a community.

Today it all sound very radical. Still. The Great Disruption is a compelling vision of the future. The future I want to be part of.

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