World Cycle 2015: Thailand

In September 2014 I will be leaving my job of 16 years at Philips to follow my dream. The last 21 years I have lived in Europe – in the Netherlands and Germany, and now it is time to go home. Home to Australia. In Europe I have learnt to love cycling. What better way to finish the European chapter of my life and enter the next than by cycling home?

After cycling through Europe to Istanbul in the last part of 2014, and then through Asia in 2015, I will enter Laos from China, and pass into Thailand from Cambodia.  I don’t know really exactly how I want to cycle through Thailand. I want to avoid Bangkok (and catch the train in), and end up in Malaysia. I have tried to avoid the troubled regions in the south east of the country. Much of this route is on highways and main roads. When I am there, I will get a detailed map, and try to take as many side roads as possible.

Here is my planned route through Thailand. All suggestions welcome.




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