World Cycle: Route through Europe

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Cycling
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My route through Europe, on the way from the Netherlands to Australia by bike is complete. Well, I have a draft route with lots of options. And I will definitely end up cycling something else. That’s part of the fun. Still, it’s nice to have a basic plan to make some timing estimates.

World Bike Trip 2014: Route through Europe

World Bike Trip 2014: Route through Europe

The starting date is 13 September 2014. Here are some expected dates (very approx):

  • Stelvio pass 28.09.2014
  • Trieste 05.10.2014 – then one week on the Istria peninsula
  • Thessaloniki 30.10.2014

I plan to arrive in Istanbul the start of December. Clearly I will have about one month extra up my sleeve, so, depending on how I feel, I will do detours on the way. One I have in mind is cycle to Athens, then take the boat to Chios, and then cycle up the Turkish coast to Istanbul. Let’s see.

Once arriving in Istanbul, I will take a break for about 3 months for the seasons to change. I will spend Christmas in Australia before returning to Istanbul to continue the trip.

Many thanks to lots of friends and people from the cycling forums for their tips and advice. A lot of it has been built into the route. In fact, in many countries, I have lots of different options for my route, which are visible in the links below. See how I feel when I get there. Here are the more detailed routes and notes on the different countries in Europe.

  1. deltathecat says:

    Looks like a great route.


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