Day 20. 139km. Kuivizi – Kergu

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Cycling, Estonia
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Hello Estonia. Hello Raimo and Thomas. Fast kilometres and lovely breaks. Beautiful Pärnu and a magic camping ground on a lake.

Day 20. 139km. Kuivizi – Kergu. Map and gpx

Excitement was building. Near my next border. After 10 km of speeding down the A1 – Hello Estonia!

I crossed the border and welcomed minor roads with a good road surface. I welcomed friendly bike signs.
I welcomed lots of camping grounds including areas designated by the park authority where you could camp for free. Parks and driving rest stops have rudimentary but good camping facilities. I gave an inner sigh of satisfaction. I like Estonia.

Today was a day of accompanied cycling. Raimo from the Estonian cycling forum escorted me into Pärnu from near the Estonian border. The last 35km were on the A1 again, but it felt less dangerous than in Latvia. Also, we were cycling like the wind. We had a lovely tail wind.

Thomas (@dvlrnr) contacted me on Twitter. From Finland, he is also cycling through the region and had seen my blog. He is very Internet connected, blogs, tweets and is the first person I have ever met to use FourSquare. He is blogging to raise money for heart defect healthcare.
He met up with Raimo and I for lunch in Pärnu.

He was cycling to Tallinn – like me – with aim to arrive tomorrow. He was heading for a camping ground on a lake about 100km from Tallinn. It sounded ideal. We cycled together.

On recommendation of Raimo, we followed the main road towards the camping ground. Again a good road surface and reasonable traffic. And a tail wind. We made good time.

And my goodness, the camping ground is lovely.



And… I used my new gas cooker to make dinner. I am so proud!

  1. JEAJ says:

    Hi Matthew
    Prachtige kampeerplek en leuk om met iemand samen te fietsen… Maar wat een schok dat je pas voor het eerst zelf gekookt hebt…
    Hier blijft het ijskoud, gisteren nachtvorst, vandaag 12 tot 17 graden. Vandaag wordt een warme dag.
    Liefs van ons allemaal

    • Ja. Ik moet wel vaker zelfs koken. 😉 meestal ben ik ‘s avonds te moe en heb geen zin meer in te koken. In Zweden en Noorwegen zou het wel moeten. Hehe

  2. Not a bad looking camping ground!

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