World Cycle 2014: Montenegro

The highlight of the European leg of my trip took place in Montenegro. Bathed in sun, we snaked our way up to a spectacular view over Kotor Bay. Montenegro was mountains, sun and stunning views. Love it!

Overview: here

Last country: Croatia
Next country: Albania

wpid-20141028_150144_richtonehdr.jpg Day 46. 48km. Herceg Novi – Njegusi: OMG. Today was the most amazing awesome incredible spectacular day. The Kotor bay is surrounded by a ring of imposing mountains. And we climbed one. The best cycling day of my life!
Day 47. 65km. Njegusi – Budva: Montenegro is mountaineous. (I guess I already knew that. :-)) From our vantage point of over 1600m, we could see 80% of all of Montenegro – a grey rugged landscape. The shivering slimy unshowered trio then descended to the coast where I convinced James to forget our challenge and pay for accommodation. We are now showered and fresh in Budva.
Day 48. 77km. Budva – Shtuf: A day of contrasts. Old town in Budva, up and down coast road, refreshing swim, a gaggle of long distance cyclists and camping next to the cow highway in Albania.

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