Day 47. 65km. Njegusi – Budva

Posted: October 29, 2014 in Cycling, Montenegro
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Montenegro is mountaineous. (I guess I already knew that. ☺) From our vantage point of over 1600m, we could see 80% of all of Montenegro – a grey rugged landscape. The shivering slimy unshowered trio then descended to the coast where I convinced James to forget our challenge and pay for accommodation. We are now showered and fresh in Budva.

Nearing 1600m

Nearing 1600m

I am a creature of comfort. When it is sunny, warm and fine weather, a bit of adventure and excitement are fine – camping on a hidden cove of a bay or in a grassy plain behind a restaurant. Today it got colder and cloudy. Speeding down towards the coast, the shivering slimy Matthew decided he needed a shower. James wanted to sleep on the beach directly in front of the old town, in front of the restaurants and cafes. I haven’t passed my hard-core level 5 exams yet. That challenge can wait for another day.

There was a bird’s eye view from our 1600m perch. Lake Shokdër and Albania were in the distance – very high mountains. Whether or not we dare go there away from the coast is not decided.


Looking out towards Albania

Looking out towards Albania

Wilm is leaving us, catching the boat to Italy to continue his trip. A couple that James knows are about 30km ahead of us. Clèment and JP are a bit behind us. I’m not sure what is next. Along the coast to Albania, but, more than that is unclear. I like it like that!

My blogs will be updated if I have internet. If they are not every day, don’t worry. I am (probably) safe and enjoying myself!

  1. Yury Zavarin says:

    If you’ll decide want to away from the coastline in Albania I definitely recommend you to go to Koman and then to take a ferry from Koman to Fierze on the Koman lake. It’s amazing. A boat departs from Fierze every day at 6 am, from Koman to Fierze — at 9 am.

    One interesting road is an old road from Berat to Kelcyre (SH74). You’ll mostly push your bicycle there on a gravel road full of big stones, so it’s mostly “bicycle hiking” there, but the views are very nice.

    Also the road from Gjirokaster to Korce should be very beautiful. I haven’t done it yet, tomorrow I’ll start it.

    Have fun on the road!

    • Hi Yuri. Thanks for all your tips. We were planning the Komam route. We’ve heard lots of good stories. Is it still Ok to do it this time of year? It might be too cold and snowy?
      Enjoy your trip!

  2. wow u are really making progress. did u plan all these encounters beforehand?

  3. La Troupe says:

    Nice… So you fail your first challenge, Creature of comfort haha! I’ll try to join you both as soon as possible to make your trip harder 😛
    Acually we were in Budva the same day as you, JP continued in Bar alone (he texted me than he met Wilm on the boat!), and I came back in Dubrovnik crossing Kotor (nice pictures from the top of the mountains!). Now I’m in Dubrovnik, I’ll sleep at Marko’s place tomorrow and try to repair a broken thing on my bag, and after that I’ll continue to join you as soon as possible.
    So see you soon!

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