Day 46. 48km. Herceg Novi – Njegusi

Posted: October 29, 2014 in Cycling, Montenegro
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OMG. Today was the most amazing awesome incredible spectacular day. The Kotor bay is surrounded by a ring of imposing mountains. And we climbed one. The best cycling day of my life!


The cycling team consisted of James – New Zealander returning home from England, and Wilm, cycling to and from Germany. We woke looking out over a beautiful bay, hearing the waves lapping on the pebbles. My first time wild camping without a tent.


We stopped at Copacabana to replenish our water supplies. Relaxed and laid back, I sipped on my Cockta.


Then around the bay of Kotor and up the serpentine road, bathed in sun, and treated to the most amazing views.









  1. Iponel says:

    Amazing to see how the world surrounding you changes, curiously looking forward. (And looking for the red button on my remote controller to see the next episode in advance)

    Meanwhile in Flanders (Ghent city): grey, greyer, greyest

    Enjoy the dream, en grijze groeten Iponel

    • Hey Iponel.
      Yes. If it is beautiful scenery you can’t help but laugh with joy. 🙂 Today we saw the tall mountains of Albania in the distance. Imposing and impressive.
      Greetings from Budva.

  2. ton smeets says:

    Hi Matthew

    Wat een FANTASTISCHE foto die eerste waar je met je armen gespreid opstaat.
    Vooral als je die beeldvullend vergroot op je computer kan ik er wel een uur naar kijken.
    Dit moet voor jullie ook een heerlijk gevoel zijn.

    Ik blijf jullie met heel veel plezier volgen.

    Ton Smeets

  3. jovialspoon says:

    WOW!! What a place. Thanks so much for sharing these views of your amazing journey

  4. […] mensen ontmoet. Onze planeet barst van de schoonheid. Ik heb prachtige zonsopgangen gezien, bergpanorama’s, en ik heb in glashelder blauw water gezwommen onder de warme […]

  5. […] At the top of an amazing windy road overlooking Kotor Bay, Montenegro. […]

  6. […] At the top of an amazing windy road overlooking Kotor Bay, Montenegro. […]

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