Day 12. 70km. Karumba – Normanton

Posted: June 27, 2022 in Australia, Cycling, Queensland
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The sandy track followed the beach on the other side of a sandhill. I was exploring in the dark as the sun was just becoming a pink glow on the horizon. The sea began to be studded with little mangrove bushes. They became more dense. Finally they opened out into a mangrove swamp the other side of the beach. Dead trees stood high in the mud, with birds perched on their tips. It was a beautiful sight. Silence broken by bird calls. And this was all for me.

The mangrove beach
The mangrove beach
The mangrove beach

This beautiful place I visited for two sunrises. It was my favourite, secret place. On the second morning I made a pire from the dead wood.

My very own pire

My second sunset at Karumba was on a sand bar 7km out to see. A boat took me and the other visitors out to have a meal and drinks. It was a beautiful, surreal place.

Arrival at the sand bank
7km off shore on the sand bank
The sun sets
The sun sets
Our return ride arrives

All of this was on my day off pottering around Karumba. The return trip to Normanton was a bit of a slog. I have grown accustomed to a tailwind. Heading east, my friend became my enemy, and I had to remember how it is slowly counting down the kms into the wind. Tomorrow is another rest day in Normanton.


  1. Bev says:

    Great pictures from a great place. Enjoy as much as we enjoy tales from your journey

  2. Fantastic pictures! But I think the pire picture is missing.

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