Day 18. 164km. Kuldiga – Riga

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Cycling, Latvia
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Onward to beautiful Riga, arriving in a torrential downpour. A very refreshing one.

Day 18. 164km. Kuldiga – Riga. Map and gpx.

Stopping for snacks is like a lucky dip into the past of my cycle trip. I pulled out a Müsli bar which I bought in Swinoujscie with the friendly lady from the camping ground. Next a German Müsli bar, and I am flung back to cycling through Hamburg with Kai and Kirstin. Then a sesame seed bar from Hel. I remember my day lounging around on the beach in Hel. Russian apricots. Lots of melted crispy chocolate covered XXL bars from Poland. And then my new latvian stash bought in Kuldiga. There was a yummy caramel nutty one. Must remember to buy another one before I go to Estonia.

My first stop today was in Sabile where they boast the most northern vineyard (!).


They also surprisingly had a garden full of little figures. Just there, unannounced.


The route today was quite unspectacular. Lots of fields and forests. There was a 10km stretch on a very busy road with lots of trucks. There was also a long stretch along the coast. Leaving the main road and walking 100m through the first brought me to the misty coast.


The last run into Riga was along a nice bike path. I’m glad I had my route description to find it though. The start was very well hidden and never was there a sign saying that it went to Riga. It had long nice stretches through forests next to the train line.


Entering Riga the skies opened up and there was a torrential downpour. I could test out my Ortlieb waterproof paniers for the first time. Unfortunately, even though my phone is protected, it is not usable as the rain on the protective case stuffs up the touch screen. The rain put my route tracking on pause as I entered Riga. A bit annoying.

I chose to live in the lap of luxury in the historic centre. I have a lovely room.


I had a traditional latvian dinner at Lido as recommended by ppiotr in the Polish cycling forum.

Riga is a beautiful city. Everywhere you look are charming old buildings, lovely restaurants and cafes and a buzzing atmosphere. I was exhausted though, and only went for a short walk around. I will take another look tomorrow morning. I might have some blue skies then too.




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