Day 429. 130km. Taylor Creek – Ti Tree

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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‘You’re lucky to see it all this green,’ sail Lyall pointing to the dead brown grass along the side of the road. ‘It’s rained a lot here recently.’
It looked pretty dry to us.

My 38000km rest spot

My 38000km rest spot

We were cycling along the endless road without a bend, when a driver, standing next to his stationary truck called out to me: ‘Matthew?’
I stopped.
It was Lyall – husband of my uncle’s niece. I was contacted by my uncle’s niece, who I haven’t met (yet) a few days ago, and we were invited to stay with them in Alice Springs. Now Lyall – a truckie – was looking out for me on his drive from Alice Springs to Tennant Creek.

Today the kilometres passed a lot easier. We even had tailwind for some of the way. We find ourselves sleeping with the backpackers working at the local caravan park. Very cool guys – we stayed up into the night talking and got another view of Australia.


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