Day 430. 99km. Ti Tree – Conners Well

Posted: August 17, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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Today Clement had his first Golden Gaytime with me. It was delicious.

Clement's first Golden Gaytime

Clement’s first Golden Gaytime

It was a late start today after our conversation until late in the night. It was cool to see the excitement in Elias’ (a backpacker working at the camping ground) when we were talking about the bike trip. I think we have a member of the 2017 trans-Asia cycling club. Clement and I are 2015 members.

Elias and Greg

Elias and Greg

The road was straight and the wind was not too strong. We are now within a day’s cycle of Alice Springs, camping at a roadside rest spot. We had a lovely campfire and dinner with a Polish couple. All ready for the bright lights, big city tomorrow.

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