Day 428. 78km. Devils Marbles – Taylor Creek

Posted: August 15, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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I didn’t sleep last night. The tent was shaking and flapping in the gale force winds, and I lay supporting the frame from gusts in all directions. The rest of the day I was like a zombie staggering on – pushing against the strong winds and dreaming of sleep in a warm, wind-free place.

Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles

When I got up, Clement’s tent was gone – he’d dismounted it to prevent the wind from destroying it. Mine was only held in place by my panniers placed at the four corners.

The weather had changed. Stronger winds and colder. A few rests at roadhouses (including an alien roadhouse) was an attempt to regain my will to continue. I was never motivated today, though, as the road was absolutely dead straight and flat into the wind, and I was quite simply tired.

Stuart Highway

Stuart Highway

  1. Ah, yes. The strong gusts of wind throughout the desert. I’d be interested to see a photo of the alien roadhouse, though! I hope you feel more rested for tomorrow!

  2. Jodi Dutta says:

    We’re still with you, Matthew.
    ~Arhan, Jodi, and Autri

    • Heeeey!! Great to hear from you guys!
      I’m in the middle of nowhere with little reception. The blog posts will stop for a while until I can upload some more. Rest assured, I am enjoying the last leg of the trip. Hope you are well!!
      Greetings from Curtin Springs in Central Australia.

  3. AndrewGills says:

    I was meant to be out there on a road trip right now. I would have passed you on the road (in a car). Alas I am now working again. Small world. Loving reading about your adventure

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