Day 162. 98km. Kizil Korgon – Osh

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Cycling, Kyrgyzstan
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Last night I visited the toilet (different rocks near the tent) five times. Today was a blur – feeling awful, struggling up a steep 800m climb, regularly diving into the bushes on the side of the road for a shit. Exhausted, I collapsed into the sofa at the guesthouse in Osh. Now I can take the antibiotics.

Looking down the high pass

Looking down the high pass

I need a break. Osh – the 2nd biggest city in Kyrgyzstan seemed like a good place to have it. And, at about 1000m altitude, its just a short ride downhill. This morning I didn’t feel well, but, I could surely manage the last pass before Osh, and then roll down the hill. I didn’t want a rest day in a tent with nothing nice to eat. Checking the information on the antibiotic pills, I discovered that they make you very light sensitive. Ah! That’s why I got burnt in Uzbekistan! Today would have to be ridden without antibiotics.

Now at lower altitudes, it is hotter. And the pass before Osh is a monster climb (on an excellent road) up about 800m (very steep). Well, that completely took it out of me, and at the top I was a dribbling mess. There was a restaurant at the top (a luxury) with meat, bread and tea on offer. I couldn’t stomach that, and so just had a few sips of tea.

Already 16:00, we sprinted the last 60km downhill into Osh. Thankfully there was little headwind today, and we were able to make haste. Two or three toilet stops, some stomach pills, and some volcanic ash powder later, we arrived, where I took a luxury single room, took my antibiotics, and went to bed.

  1. giannis says:

    The fermented mare’s milk *is* certainly a super-food. 😉 (Probably kefir or something like?) If you liked it, your life would rather be easier on those mountains! And it would still make good to your digestive track — help you with the shits, and with those antibiotics inside. 😉 🙂

  2. Thank you! This is so nice and sometimes exciting to read….
    Please, take good care for yourself!

    One question : Do you ever pass a place which is so beautiful and people so friendly that you would love to stay? For a week, or month or longer?

    Greeting from Olga, den Haag, NL

    • Hi Olga. Good to hear from you!
      I must say, I always like moving onwards. If I stop in a place it’s to have a rest or recover from dihorrea. 🙂 So, I guess I haven’t found paradise on earth, even though I’ve been to Shangri La twice. 🙂

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