Day 161. 94km. Sarytash – Kizil Korgon

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Cycling, Kyrgyzstan
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Today was sheep migration day. Herded by shepherds on horses, the wall of sheep advanced up the valley. And we advanced down the valley. Down and down several climate zones into a different temperate – and green – world.

The road to Osh

The road to Osh

Kyrgyzstan is a different world. Green, steep slopes with horses grazing. The mountains, with rocky outcrops, reminded me of the Dolomites in Italy rather than the barren, windswept plains of the Pamir Plateau. Everywhere there were yurts, and people with horses and sheep. On the side of the road were little boys selling fermented mare’s milk. For the record, it is not my taste..

Fermented mare's milk

Fermented mare’s milk

Krygyzstan feels wealthier and more western. There are more (modern) cars and the road surface is immaculate. We saw road signs indicating where roads go, including distances. This is a rare thing in central Asia. There were marked picnic spots on the side of the road, and accurate ascent and descent signs. Unfortunately, the headwind has been imported over from Tajikistan which slowed an otherwise fabulous descent from the cold, windswept high mountain plateau (over 4000m) to our end destination (tomorrow) of Osh (around 1000m).

Nice road surface

Nice road surface

We have a lovely little camp spot next to the raging river. Tomorrow on to Osh.

  1. valerievolk says:

    You’ve reminded me of the fermented milks of Mongolia … not to our taste either. Glorious scenery in this post.

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