Day 163. 159km. Osh – Kochkor Ata

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Cycling, Kyrgyzstan
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‘On top of the price of the room you will have to pay for the shower.’
That was OK.
‘Oh. And it costs extra to store the bikes.’
This was after we had unpacked and already agreed on the price.
We left, and now find ourself sleeping on a couch outside in an expensive holiday resort for rich Russians. The universe provided a strange place to sleep tonight.



Will and Kim had left Osh a day earlier, and stayed overnight 55km from Osh. I thought I could try to catch them – I like cycling with them. The weather was fine for that, and the scenery was boring. Endless fields and farms. I put my head down and cycled. 130km out of Osh I caught them. We can now cycle together to Bishkek.



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