World Cycle 2014: Turkey

In September 2014 I will be leaving my job of 16 years at Philips to follow my dream. The last 21 years I have lived in Europe – in the Netherlands and Germany, and now it is time to go home. Home to Australia. In Europe I have learnt to love cycling. What better way to finish the European chapter of my life and enter the next than by cycling home?

After leaving the Netherlands, I will be cycling through Germany, then crossing the alps in Switzerland and Italy. I will pass Venezia and Trieste before entering Croatia (via Slovenia), and cycling down the Croatian coast, through MontenegroAlbania, and Macedonia before entering Greece.  I will cycle along the northern Greek coast before entering into Turkey. In Istanbul I will stop my trip for three months waiting for the seasons to change. (In this time I intend to fly to Australia for Christmas, and possibly to China (by plane) to do a Chinese language course.) The 2014 part of my trip stops in Istanbul. Here is my planned route through Turkey.

Thanks already to all the people on the forum and also on the forum. I will post on there once I get my account approved.. 🙂

This will be my first time cycling in Turkey. I have heard stories of how it is difficult getting into Istanbul by bike. The route I have taken as a starting point was one I found on the internet. All tips and ideas would be welcome! 🙂

  1. Sinan says:

    stay connected with facebook ‘warmshowers Turkiye’

    you can find cycling friendly hosts and meet local and foreign tourers in Turkey

    • Thanks Sinan for this tip too!! I have just applied to join the warm showers Turkiye Facebook group. I will post on that once I become a member.. 🙂

      Looking forward to cycling through Turkey!!


  2. Baris says:

    Nice, I envy you sir. I hope you enjoy and get to finish your journey with bike.
    Here’s my two cents:
    Don’t use TEM motorway in Istanbul. Pedal through the coastline, which will be much more enjoyable. Besides, I don’t think bikes are allowed in TEM.
    When I look at your World Route, I see that you plan to ride in the northern places of Turkey. That means sloping roads(because of the many mountains) and rainy climate, but also natural beauty.
    For your consideration; Western and southern cities of Turkey have the most warmhearted people, flatter roads, hotter climate and remains of old civilizations.

    • He Baris. Thanks for the tip. And, my goodness. On looking at the route I published, indeed, I cycle along the busiest road into Istanbul where there are other better roads to the south along the coast. I took the route I published directly from a cycle route on the internet. Clearly that route has not been cycled. I’m sure the coast will be much better! 🙂 I will update my route and post it for more comments.. 🙂

      Regarding your suggested route in southern Turkey, would you suggest cycling south-east from Istanbul, perhaps through Göreme, and in the south nearer Syria. How safe it is there? And how safe is it near Iraq?

      Thanks for your tips!!


      • Baris says:

        Coastlines of Turkey have much to see, but central Anatolia not much.You can go straight south from İzmit, pass through Eshişehir to Muğla. This would of course stretch out your trip, but I think it would be the most beneficial(sightwise). Or if you preper the nature or have no time, don’t change your route and cycle through the black sea coast.
        I wouldn’t go to southeast and eastern Anatolia, might not be safe.(Besides, it would be dull trip, nothing to see.) Hatay or Şanlıurfa should be your easternmost stop.

        You are welcome, it’s my pleasure.

      • Hi Baris.
        Your comments are giving me an idea. I might cycle down Greece to Athens and then take a boat across to Izmir and cycle up to Istanbul. It sounds like it would be a nicer route, although it involves a long boat trip which feels like ‘cheating’.. 🙂

        Thanks again!

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