World Cycle 2014: Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein

Rolling down the Rhine valley, mountains looming on either side. A lovely warm shower stay with an avid outdoor woman, and spectacular, amazing scenery. I love the alps!

Overview: here
Last country: Germany

Next country: Italy

wpid-20140928_153650.jpg Day 16. 150km. Konstanz – Chur: Four countries, mist, then bright warm sun. And a tail wind surrounded by spectacular mountains. Ah! The alps!


wpid-20140929_131726.jpg Day 17. 61km. Chur – Bergün: Out of the Rhein Valley and into mountains. Some beautiful views high above the river, and a big grunt to climb up to Bergün at the end. All in the dazzling sun.
Day 18. 68km. Bergün – Livigno: My heart is thumping, my panting is almost all I can hear. Through the adrenalin rush I can hear and observe only one sound. There is no brain capacity for more. The jingling of cow bells. The gush of water. The sprinkle of rain. Or pure silence in the beautiful mountains. The Drahtesel is conquering the Alps.

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