Day 16. 150km. Konstanz – Chur

Posted: September 28, 2014 in Cycling, Germany, Switzerland
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Four countries, mist, then bright warm sun. And a tail wind surrounded by spectacular mountains. Ah! The alps!

Last night I discovered it was a longer ride to my warm showers host in Chur than I thought. Early to bed and early to rise. Healthy, wealthy and wise? Well, healthy, and very very happy!

Today saw me cycle through 4 countries.

The Bodensee was misty and was mostly one long settlement. It was flat and meant that fast cycling was called for.

When I left the Bodensee, the sun came out, a wind started blowing in my back, and the mountains rolled past me.

Did you know they grow grapes in Switzerland?


And some more nice views..


I was fascinated by Lichtenstein. How did such a small country become established? Cycling past and through it is interesting. You see the natural borders which gave rise to the country. The Rhein River, and a rocky cliff face that goes all the way to the river. The high mountains at the back make an unpassable barrier.

Thanks Suzanne for letting me stay over in Chur. She has travelled everywhere – always doing adventurous things. When looking at my route through the alps – ah – that is beautiful. And that. And that. Her stories and passion for her country make me all the more excited. Maybe we will meet sonewhere. In Georgia? In Armenia? In Iran?

  1. Kitty van den Heuvel says:

    Oh, leuk omdat te lezen , wij hebben gekampeerd in Chur in de jaren 70 tig
    Verder goede reis ik vindt het geweldig om je te volgen
    Groetjes Kitty uit Helmond.

  2. Alfried says:

    Ich verfolge jeden Morgen deine Tour,,du legst ja gewaltige Strecken zurück,. bestaune auch deine schönen Fotos.. Mach weiter so und bleib gesund

    • Hallo Alfried. Danke für deine schöne Nachricht. Beim schönen Wetter macht es Spaß weit zu fahren. Jetzt in der Bergen gehen die km zurück. 🙂
      Grüße aus dem Weg nach Bergün. Matthew

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