Day 17. 61km. Chur – Bergün

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Cycling, Switzerland
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Out of the Rhein Valley and into mountains. Some beautiful views high above the river, and a big grunt to climb up to Bergün at the end. All in the dazzling sun.

Warnings of climbs were welcome. They mean amazing views in the peace and quiet in the forest overlooking the river and freeway.



I followed the Swiss Veloland Route 6 which switched from running high above the river to skirting the edge of the river. The views kept on coming and I laughed with joy around every corner as a new vista revealed itself.
I am feeling stronger and stronger. Pacing myself I can lug my 50kg ‘Drahtesel’ up all the climbs I have met thus far. It’s a great feeling. I’m an exercise addict and there’s nothing better than working towards this big challenge in this spectacular landscape.
Here are some of the views.





Bergün is a beautiful mountain village part of the way up the Albulapass.


  1. Doug Fannon says:

    Living vicariously through you – the images are fantastic – enjoying every post.

  2. JEAJ says:

    Het blijft maar mooi weer! Prachtige foto’s. Vergeet de lekkere Zwitserse taarten en kaas niet.

  3. Pat Gaudry says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I am having great joy each morning reading about your travels and especially seeing the photos of the scenery along the way. It is like having my own bike journey through Europe without having to ride a bike. I am interested to see that there are well made bike paths which you have been able to take. Finding those paths must have required much planning. Once you leave Europe I suppose you will have to contend with the traffic on the main roads. That is a lot more dangerous.
    Enjoy the ride of your life. Many others are enjoying it along with you and enjoying your beautifully expressed thoughts on your adventure.
    Safe travels
    Pat Gaudry

    • Hi Pat.
      Yes. The bike paths are really good. Quite a few times I thought, I would never have found this road without them and would have had to cycle through a tunnel on an almost freeway. A lot of effort has been gone to and it is great.
      Some of this kind of thing is happening in Australia too, but there are some lessons to learn.
      Great to hear from you!
      Greetings from Bergün!


  4. Annette says:

    Another beautiful part of the world. Thanks for the hard work and the great photos.

  5. petitpas says:

    hello Mathieu, merci pour tes superbes photos qui nous font voyager sans quitter égreville ! nous te suivons avec attention dans ce super voyage . bonne route! amicalement . nicole

  6. Absolutely fantastic pictures! No wonder you were laughing with joy, going around each corner!

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