Day 1 of Eindhoven – Paris by bike: Eindhoven – Brussels (145km)

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Belgium, Cycling, Netherlands
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What was originally going to be a continuation from last week’s cycle from Givet to Paris was thrown on its head when a friend from Brussels invited me over. I calculated, Paris should still be reachable with the first night in Brussels. The second and third days would be long, but the wind was blowing in the right direction, and I was motivated.

I needed a route to get me to Paris. I pasted one together using the bike node system in Flanders in Belgium,  a route I found from Brussels to Mons along a canal, and bits of eurovelo 3 that supposedly went to Paris and further. I threw the gear into the paniers and I was all set. This what I ended up cycling.

Eindhoven - Paris by bike

Eindhoven – Paris by bike

Day 1

Link to interactive map and gpx.

It’s always lovely cycling in the early morning along the canals in Belgium. A layer of mist hangs low over the water, steaming up into the skies. Birds chirp and the occasional one plops into the water out of my sight as I pass. The air was fresh – well, cold. I cycled fast to get the blood flowing, warm gloves on to slow down the freezing of my hands.


Mother nature wanted me to get to Brussels quickly. I was blown down those canals and across those fields. It was wonderful. And the roads were quiet taking me through nature.




I am rarely in this situation. I am going to get to my destination way ahead of time. The winds were too strong. 😉 Time to do the tourist rounds of Brussels before meeting with Kevin.



Somewhat of a rarity on my bike trips, I finished around 5, but was in Brussels at 4. I could have a relaxing evening. We went for a nice dinner at a thai restaurant and had a chat. All ready and rested for the early start. Day 2 and 3 would have to be big to reach Paris!

  1. 118 Main Rd, Balhannah, South Australia says:

    This is always worth reading. Well done BB.

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