Tour de New South Wales – a COVID-safe bicycle adventure

Posted: November 15, 2020 in Australia, Cycling, NSW
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With the external and internal borders closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my cycling holiday was a lot closer to home. I love bleak, lonely landscapes, and luckily, New South Wales has some of these. So I was headed west. West as far as I could go. West to outback New South Wales.
I headed west from Sydney over the Blue Mountains, following an Aussievelo route – a naissant version of Eurovelo – long distance cycle routes across the continent. A big highlight was Evan’s Crown – a great tip from a cyclist I met on the first day. It is a beautiful rocky outcrop on the top of a hill, overlooking valleys in all directions.

Evans Crown

It was magpie nesting season and swooping magpies were a common theme before I left the tree areas.
Magpie attack

Magpie attack

The road got flat after Parkes and really flat and desolate after Hillston. Thanks to Kristie and the team in Hillston for helping me get in touch with farmers on the desolate stretch to lake Mungo.

On the way to Mossgiel

On the way to Lake Mungo

Another highlight was the Menindee Lakes. Lake Pamamaroo was filled with water. There was not a soul there, and I spent hours swimming and watching the pelicans.

Lake Pamamaroo

The endpoint of the trip was the Mundi Mundi Lookout – 35km from Broken Hill, looking out over the red endless plains. Only this time, they were green endless plains.

Mundi Mundi lookout

It was a quick dash home along the main road – covering some large distances on some days.

Storm near Cobar

The last stretch was through the Hunter Valley and its endless coal mines, and then the familiar territory of the Hawkesbury River.

The dirt track to Wisemans Ferry

2858km later, I was back where I started – at Wolli Creek in Sydney. I was at the same place, but had a head full of amazing memories of a bicycle trip to the outback. And back.
  1. valerievolk says:

    Great overview

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Another great tour – thanks for sharing those amazing landscapes, Matt!

  3. brenton says:

    Awesome stuff. Australia is huuuuuge!

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