Day 9. 39km. Lossar (4064m) – Chandra Tal (4107m)

Posted: July 29, 2018 in Cycling, India
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From sweltering in the heat in the Spiti Valley, I lie in my tent with all my warm clothes on listening to the pitter patter of rain in Chandra Tal. They say it might snow tonight.

On the way up Kunzum La

On the way up Kunzum La

I was in two minds about starting over the Kunzum La pass this morning. It was drizzling and there was a headwind. I was told it wasn’t dangerous – just cold.

The road continued its bumpy, rocky self as I edged forward through the wind and drizzle up to the 4590m pass.

Kunzum La

Kunzum La

I stopped in a hut entrance on the top, threw on lots of clothes, and ate some lunch. They say Kumzum La is the most beautiful pass in the Himalayas – surrounded by amazing mountains and views. All I saw was cloud, being blown across the pass in front of me, with the prayer flags fluttering at full tempo.

Kunzum La

Kunzum La

The road down was very beautiful, but too wet to photograph. Very steep mountains with little riverlets of white streaming down the sides. Half way up the mountains was a censor of clouds.

I took the turnoff to Chandra Tal. This is the absolute favourite place of my friend Mark. The road continued to be bumpy, and with a couple of river crossings, my feet got drenched. I need to stay dry.

On the way to Chandra Tal

On the way to Chandra Tal

There is a village of tents at Chandra Tal – all more expensive than I was expecting. I put up my tent, paid my $6, and joined some other travellers in the food tent, huddling around the wood stove.

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