Day 466. 46km. Melrose – Laura

Posted: September 30, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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‘Do you know Daniel Goodburn? He works for DSTO.’
The cyclist we met looked at me in amazement. His best friend had talked about me and was following my progress.
‘So, you’re the cyclist friend he has been following?’
We had run into Peter now twice on the Mawson Trail. Can one say it is a small world, or that Adelaide is near?



I packed my tent in record time this morning after I was woken up from the claps of thunder and the flicker of lightening. I made it to shelter just as the rain started where I stayed with Clement and then Nico for most of the day.
We spent the morning telling stories – Nico’s were of slogging through 20km of deep mud in the night with stampeding elephants to get to the border in time in the Central African Republic. Clement’s eyes were lighting up.
‘Do you want to do something like that?’ I asked Clement later.
‘Yes! Yes!’ he said. He was born to have this kind of life, he said.
‘I don’t’ I replied simply.
I realised that for me the trip is winding down, and stories of epic adventure sound too uncomfortable. I have had two years of what I call adventure – pushing my boundaries. Boundaries are a personal thing, and my boundaries are definitely not Nico’s or Clement’s boundaries. Maybe after some time in one place (possibly in only 3 weeks), my feet may be itching again, but right now, this chapter is drawing to a close, and that is OK.

We decided to leave along the main road today to Laura, where we had been invited to stay with our Warm Showers friend Andrew. I cycled slowly, engrossed with myself in my cocoon of music, but was much faster than Nico and Clement who were telling stories behind me. The rolling fields approaching Adelaide were lush and beautiful, and I wasn’t feeling like talking.

The road to Laura

The road to Laura

We had a lovely evening in Laura with great food, drink and music with Andrew. Thanks for the great time!

  1. AndrewGills says:

    LOL. Maybe after only three weeks. Well said. I settled into a full time job four months ago but quit yesterday because I need the more flexible life I had while traveling. I didn’t cycle across the world but did travel and live freely for two years. I look forward to hearing how coming home is for you.

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