Day 467. 67km. Laura – Spalding

Posted: October 1, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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‘It is not normal to come into a pub, breathe our air and enjoy our warmth and not drink or spend money. It is just not normal.’
Was it that we didn’t spend any money (although I bought a coffee)? Was it that we spoke with the new barlady in Chinese, and amongst ourselves in French? Whatever it was, we removed ourselves from the bar in Spalding. The atmosphere was poisonous.

Me and Nico

Me and Nico

None of us liked forcing our bikes through the mud today. It is OK on the Oodnadatta Track in the middle of the desert, or in central Africa slogging through the mud where there are no other roads. Pushing 2km from one bitumen road to another in the drizzle isn’t fun. I’m glad we all agree on that.

On the other hand, eating a value-pack bag of Violet Crumbles for lunch was all our definition of fun. But, most fun today were the conversations the three of us had around the fire. No stories of adventure but stories on spirituality, Chinese politics, the future of the human race and also about sex. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

  1. burt4754 says:

    Spalding huh? The closer you get to civilization, this may happen. Depending on his size or how cheeky I felt, I might have asked him, ‘how much for the air?’ No, best to ride on…..

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