Day 465. 82km. Olive Grove Cottage – Melrose

Posted: September 29, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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The sun was shining and the road was lovely through the green fields, lush with grass and bright coloured flowers. We left the cottage of my past and cycled through the rolling hills.

The Mawson Trail

The Mawson Trail

Just before Melrose I passed 41000km from Eindhoven. This will be the last 1000km milestone (kilometrestone) before the end of the trip.

41000km from Eindhoven

41000km from Eindhoven

As we were riding through Melrose, we saw a heavily laden bike parked out the front of the café, and got talking to Nico. He’s been on the road for 4 years now, and has some amazing stories to tell. We will ride the next little leg together, but may be stuck in Melrose tomorrow with the next bout of rain. We’ll see..

  1. AndrewGills says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed following your ride from Eindhoven. It’s been inspiring to watch from the comfort of my mobile phone screen.

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