Day 454. 99km. Mud Bath – William Creek

Posted: September 17, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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Today was the day of the stranded trailers, more mud baths, and then a good dry road. It was also a day of the death of my back tyre – 4km from William Creek – the goal of today. It was another day of naked cycling. Clement joined me as we cycled naked through the flat plains and the rolling sandhills.

Water crossing

Water crossing

Clement added some art to the back of one of the stranded trailers. ‘Be Brave’. Hopefully the trailer will soon be united with its car.

Stranded trailer

Stranded trailer

My last tyre only lasted 4000km. I guess it has been through a lot in Timor Leste and has been heavily loaded on sandy and muddy roads in Australia. The new one should make it to Adelaide (at least).. ☺

Another tyre bites the dust

Another tyre bites the dust

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