Day 455. 75km. William Creek – Coward Springs

Posted: September 18, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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There are lakes on the side of the road. There are rivers full of water. The desert has taken on a new face for us. Today we swam in a river, underneath a rusted bridge of the old Ghan train line. We also had a bath in the natural spa bath at Coward Springs. And then we talked and talked as the coals turned from orange to black, under the beautiful blanket of stars.



The road was easy – a hard surface with only a few corrigations. The wind decided to be at our back, and it wasn’t too hot. We had a rather relaxing day, stopping often and stopping early for the night. There is little rush now, and we are just enjoying the desert.

The road to Marree

The road to Marree

The road to Marree

The road to Marree

The road to Marree

The road to Marree

We passed a cyclist today. He had almost no luggage, and looked completely knackered. No wonder – he had cycled from Adelaide, covering around 300km each day. He’s part of a race to Uluru along the back roads. I gave him some water and dried apricots.

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    This landscape just goes on and on, flat as a pancake. I can see why everyone settled along the coasts! 🙂

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