Day 453. 68km. Coober Pedy – Mud Bath

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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Today was ‘fun type 2’ – it was not fun at the time, but, makes for a good story, and is fun after the event. Today was a slog through the mud and soft sand. Lots of walking the bike, lots of taking off the luggage and carrying everything across the deepest mud.

Stranded motorbike

Stranded motorbike

We passed two abandoned motor bikes. Unlike on the APY Lands, these bikes will be collected later. They couldn’t get any further because of the mud and were rescued. We heard about them yesterday at the tourist information. The ground has hardened somewhat, but, it was still very tough.

Stranded motorbike

Stranded motorbike

The road nearer to William Creek is meant to be better. Maybe we can make it tomorrow. I’m sure there’s still a lot of mud before that. ☺

  1. Burt Reiff says:

    Of your 40,000 km so far, it sounds like Australia has been the most physically challenging. Any regrets on not staying on the “main routes” as you get towards home?

  2. Good luck with getting through that mud…

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