Day 427. 128km. Threeways – Devils Marbles

Posted: August 14, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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‘We eat kangaroo, emu, goanna,..’
‘How do you kill the kangaroo?’ I ask.
‘Shoot it,’ he replied, ‘or run it over.’ He chuckled.
Waiting for Clement in the supermarket in Tennant Creek I had a short lesson on bush tucker.

Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles

A group of aboriginals were hanging around the entrance to the supermarket, so I went and started talking to them while Clement was shopping. They told me of bush bananas and bush oranges. They told me how to cook a kangaroo, and they told about the bush version of marijuana. Clement is keen on cooking a road-kill kangaroo (if it is fresh). Now I know how to cook it..

After Tennant Creek there was an awful lot of nothing. The road was dead straight which plays on the mind. Clement ran out of water for the first time (I gave him some of mine). In the dry he doesn’t drink much less than me (compared to 1/5 of what I drink in Indonesia).

We arrived at Devils Marbles just as the sun was setting. They are very beautiful.

Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles

  1. Wonderful landscape, especially at sunset!

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    The Devil’s Marbles are very cool – amazing example of erosion.

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