Day 426. 81km. Banka Banka – Threeways

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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It used to happen to me a lot just after she died. Doing something else, thinking of something else, and bang. I would burst into tears. That was in 2005. And it happened to me today. I am nearing where I grew up, and nearing where her ashes are scattered. The scenery looks familiar, and suddenly I was transported to that hospital room. The last time I saw mum alive – in 2005.

Banka Banka

Banka Banka

I guess noone noticed my contorted face behind the sunglasses. They pass by quickly anyway. The scenery rolled past, and I was in another world.

Our start was late, after having a glorious hot shower, and then talking with almost everyone in the camping ground. We met some other cyclists today – one was from Thailand and has cycled 100000km over 5 years. That puts everything in perspective.

The thai cyclist

The thai cyclist

We only made 81km today to Threeways before chatting with a French cyclist and 2 French backpackers. Tomorrow will be a long day – shopping in Tennant Creek and then on to the Devil’s Marbles for sunset.

The gang at Threeways

The gang at Threeways

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