Day 425. 117km. Gravel Pit – Banka Banka

Posted: August 12, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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Standing on the side of the road with Clement’s shorts pulled down, I carefully wrote 40,000 on his bum with black marker. He then preceded to remove all his clothes while cycling as the evening blue turned to indigo in the sky. I joined him and we cycled naked in the night, the amazing panorama of stars above us, and the truck drivers shining their bright headlights at us. And we sang – ‘Un kilometre à poil, ça use, ça use..’
Celebrating 40000km for Clement in outback Australia.

40000km for Clement

40000km for Clement

Today was awesome. It’s great to be alive!

We met some cool people at our lazy lunch stop (after 60km of headwind). ‘Just go up and say g’day!’ said Peter, as I told I wanted to know more about aboriginals, their culture and their knowledge and wisdom of this land. ‘They just want to be taken as they are, as people.’
I know he’s right, and it’s an obvious thing to say and do, but it gave me the courage to do it. I had a short conversation with an aboriginal as he walked past our picnic lunch spot. He was from Elliott, and coming back from a trip to Tennant Creek. It will be something I do forward. Like maybe many white Australians there is a barrier – maybe a subconscious fear. I want to break this barrier. And I will

Today had vista panorama views – over nothingness. Complete, wide and immense – nothing. Cycling through this I feel happy, and I feel free.

Stuart Highway

Stuart Highway

Stuart Highway

Stuart Highway

Sunset orange

Sunset orange

We were welcomed with open arms in the camping ground at Banka Banka and had quite an alcoholic evening around the campfire feeling happy with life.

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Congrats on 40,000 km. and what a memorable way to celebrate it!
    Good on you for reaching out to the aboriginals. I expect they are proud of their heritage and culture and would be glad to share with you. It’s a different place now and I hope healing the past is done in the present with respect and yes, a bit of courage. I expect the exchange will enrich both.
    And that panorama looks full of life to me, not nothingness! Now, the desert in China…that was nothingness! 😉

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