Day 424. 131km. Dunmarra – Gravel Pit

Posted: August 11, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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We all live on a sphere, rotating on an axis as it spins around a star. This gives us the different climate zones, and it gives some zones seasons. Clement and I are cycling away from the equator, leaving the tropics, and heading to Adelaide – now in the middle of winter. With every day and with every pedal stroke the heat ebbs away – its an amazing transformation.

Stuart Highway

Stuart Highway

The morning was chilly, and beautiful as we cycled through the scrub and the sky changed from black, through the deepest shades of purple, to its bright daylight hue. We also saw a landscape transition – quite abruptly – from savannah trees and dry grass to short scrubby plants. Distances feel even greater, and objects on the horizon that seem so close are well over 10km away – and take forever to reach.

There are reports of more cyclists on the road. Today we passed 2 Americans on reclining bikes, more cyclists are to be met ahead.

American cyclists

American cyclists

Our morning was spent covering 100km to Elliott – everyone told us to leave it as soon as possible. Well, it was our water and midday stop, and we stayed there for ages. Three hours later after a big feed, some phone calls and chats with backpackers, we headed off into the late afternoon and evening to camp in the absolute middle of nowhere – a place with a perfect view over the myriad of stars.

Evening tree

Evening tree


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