Day 423. 145km. Larrimah – Dunmarra

Posted: August 10, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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I love to have a beer with Clement,
I love to have a beer with Clem,
We drink in moderation,
And we never ever ever get rolling drunk.. (just a bit tipsy)
The optimal formula – sunrise start, 90km and then lunchtime beer on an empty stomach in the Daly Waters pub.

Lunch time at the Daly Waters pub

Lunch time at the Daly Waters pub

In the morning there is not much wind, and it is lovely and cool. The 90km rolled past all the way to the famous pub in Daly Waters – a few houses in the middle of nowhere.
After the solitary beer I fell asleep, and, on waking, (a little bit too) merrily ate my lunch, and three hours later, we eased back onto the bikes.
Just near the pub is the Stuart tree – John Macdowal Stuart engraved an S on it when he passed in 1857. I’m blown if I can see the S. Maybe it’s a scam..

The Stuart tree

The Stuart tree

We had left it a bit late to ride the remaining 55km to the next water stop, so we just went, hardly stopping, and arrived in the twilight.

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