Day 118. 97km. Zanjan – Abhar

Posted: July 21, 2015 in Cycling, Iran
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A new mega-group of touring cyclists has formed. Five of us left Zanjan this morning, and five of us arrived in a vet’s farmhouse this evening, sharing a dinner we cooked for our host on the verandah. And in between, we had a siesta on the carpeted sitting platforms of a taxi office. As you do, cycling through Iran.

Evening in Abhar

Evening in Abhar

We left late, and were blown along in the sunny warmth. We had a lot to talk about, sharing stories and ideas, and before we knew it, we had covered 70km. We were called in to drink tea – at the local taxi office. Some had tea. Some watched the English language news they had put on for us. And some slept.

Tea in the local taxi office

Tea in the local taxi office

Someone is tired

Someone is tired

Our search for a camping spot ended up with us being invited to stay in this guy’s farmhouse. We cooked up a storm as the sun went down, bathing the scene in a soft light. When we need something (a place to sleep), the universe provides. Every day I look forward to seeing what it is that will be provided. Always unexpected.

  1. Juliet says:

    What a great day. Good company, hospitality and weather. Cycle touring at its finest.

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