Day 119. 159km. Abhar – Hashtgerd

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Cycling, Iran
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The day was sunny and the wind was howling at our back. The team of 5 (me, James, Davide, Michael and Simon) roared along, overtaking trucks, and cruising without pedalling at 35 km/h. Tonight, we find ourselves staying with Majid and his family. A wonderful guy, and amazing hospitality!

An amazing dinner

An amazing dinner

The truck slowed down, and Simon latched on, being pulled along. Then Michael joined. Then the others. But the truck was slow – driving at 30 km/h. I zoomed past. The wind was amazing, and it was so much fun – cruising down the road towards Tehran.

Another lunch stop lounging on the carpet tables.





The only downer for today was returning to my bike to find that my sunglasses were stolen. Sigh. There is a shop that sells cycling sunglasses in Tehran, so, it is all good.

Standing on the side of the street in Hashtgerd, shopping in hand, we were asking around for a nice park for camping. ‘There is a park, but come to my house!’
Majid invited all 5 of us to stay with him and his family. When we arrived, his wife had prepared an enormous spread of food. Every day we are blown away with the Iranian hospitality. Beautiful country!

  1. valerievolk says:

    Love the carpets – bring me back a Persian carpet????

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